6 Step Balance Program Newsletter #1

Cheryl Orifice6 Step Balance News

Good news to bring everyone up-to-date as Senior Fitness, Inc. here in Rochester, New York that we were in Ft. Meyers, Florida recently. We were training our “6 Step Balance Program”(c) to to some of the staff at Cypress Cove, in Ft. Meyers, Florida. It was a joy meeting everyone and had a wonderful time training them on our “6 Step Balance Program”(c). They are the first to have our program. Cypress Cover is the first assisted living facility in Florida to be trained by us. It is our hope that they will be actively incorporating the program to help stop the number of falls that are happening. Their goal is to stop the serious injuries and hospitalizations that are occurring everyday within their facility.  It was our please and want to thank them for having us and we look forward to hearing good results down the road.

The “6 Step Balance Program”(c) has been my mission and my ministry in order to help to stop the Seniors from having to be hospitalized and some not being able to return to their homes. I have seen some horrific results from some horrible falls. This program works and we are happy that our book is a new edition and in its 30th year. I also work in a hospital as a Chaplain and most of the patients I have seen are in the hospital due to a bad fall. It has broken my heart to see some of my patients who were not able to return to their homes due to their injuries and the severity of their falls. Our primary goal is to stop the high number of hospitalizations and the serious injuries from the falls that are occurring.

We are excited to have a new blog now attached to our website to keep everyone better informed of how we are doing. Feel free to contact us at www.howtopreventfalls.com