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Program Highlights

The Six-Step Balance System™ is a powerful yet simple program. It’s a gift given to oneself that keeps on giving. Improvement in the daily quality of life. Results are seen quickly all the while improving one’s balance and overall well-being. It includes FUN THINGS like practicing Stretching In Bed, “Jiggle Wiggle” and the “The 10 Martini Slump”.

Lifetime Benefits!

  • Increase leg strength
  • Reduce the FEAR of falling
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Develop a sense of overall well-being both mental and physical
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“All along I thought that my 80-year-old body could roll out of bed and get going. But after trying some of your in-bed stretches, I discovered that waking up goes much more smoothly after the stretching. Thank you.”

W.R. (Bill) Klemm, P.h.D.
Senior Professor of Neuroscience, Texas

Stretching in Bed Guide- FREE with any book purchase!

Every day before you get out of bed, get your motor running by stretching. In consultation with medical professionals, I’ve selected 12 key exercises that will provide an easy and effective way to help you start your day feeling physically awake and mentally alert. Stretching In Bed is often the most overlooked element in the total picture of overall fitness. The older we get the more important stretching becomes.

How to Prevent Falls:
Better Balance, Independence and Energy in
6 Simple Steps

This book is an informative and immensely practical guide for seniors to achieve better balance through fitness. Learn how to prevent falls and reduce your fear of falling. The easy-to-use 6 Step Balance System™ helps seniors avoid injuries and fears associated with falling. The 6 Step Balance System™book features dozens of illustrations and fun exercises, including slumping into your chair and dancing with your pillow!

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What You Will Learn in the Six Step Balance System™

Our Story

According to Coalition for Consumer Health and Safety: U.S. News & World Report, Major causes of emergency room visits for injuries: Falls on stairs was number one with 819,081, Fall on floor was number 2 at 654,371 and then it was Bicycles at 525,026, Basketball at 460,420, Baseball at 327,620, Football at 323,112 , Knives at 313,330 and Collisions with doors at 308,246. Betty's book "How to Prevent Falls" was first copyrighted in 1989.

We here at Senior Fitness don't want you to become a statistic! For more than 30 years we have been teaching people, both young and old, how to implement the Six Step Balance System Program™, a unique approach to reducing falls, severity of injuries from unintentional falls and to help reduce the fear of falling. It helps to maintain/regain your independence with more energy, improve your balance, it's fun and you will be socially connected to others.

This program is based on Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter's over fifty years of experience as a teacher, researcher, Olympic diving coach and author.

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